Young Buck

What does discipline
mean to you?

When I was young I had
a misconception of discipline. Growing up semi strict parents I thought
discipline was punishment.

I mean every time when
adults met with my parents, such as teachers they always talked of discipline
as a punishing instrument.

Older and Wiser

As I grew older and got
more freedom, I realized that I lost my “discipline.” Or … at least my
understanding of it. A funny thing happened when I lost my “discipline” … shit
sucked. Life f*cked me sideways. I mean I had the worst time of my life.

First year in college
was a mess, grades dropped, friends dropped, health dropped as a matter of fact
my quality of life dropped for the most part. I was able to partially recover
through my sophomore year; but I just placed a band aid over a gunshot wound.

Do or Die in summer’s heat

A big part of my summer
was the one of the worst periods of my life… I mean worst. As a durable,
strong, tough individual I think I am. Summer 18 got to me. I asked myself why
I even exists plenty of times. I do understand we all have low points in life
but damn this shit went low. Cause of this was I had no vision, almost no
ambition. Think of it as putting a blind fold over your eyes for a week and how
sedentary you are going to be.

Breaks, Make or Break you

Lucky for me I had a
trip booked at the end of the summer to Australia. Where I would not have to
think about anything but my well being. My only goal that month was to improve
my mental health. I needed a challenge, a challenge that was easily achievable
but took a lot of mental toughness. I tried waking up at 4 am everyday but that
failed at the time (more on that in another blog) since I didn’t have anything
to do in a foreign country at 4 am.

popped up in my head like acne on a 14-year-old chin. Cold showers were
something I could do anytime of day whether I woke up at 8 am, 2 pm, or not
even sleep at all.

Mental toughness

Cold showers have now
changed my life dramatically. Waking up at 4 am, working out consistently 6
days a week. I started to read books … WHAT!!! I’m more alert and confident in
the things I do. My relationships have blossomed. And the most importantly, I
have a mindset that I can accomplish anything that comes in front of me or any
situation I put myself in, if I am patient, calm and put in the hours required
to do it.

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