c-rafting digital experiences.

We have a fully comprehensive approach to branding

Brand Strategy

What do we do?

Brand story is what got Nike selling plain $5 t-shirts with the tiny swoosh for $30 a piece. Brand story is the reason you call tissues Kleenex or cotton swabs q- tips. Brand story is what people remember you most for. It is the piece of gum stuck to their brain that every time they think of your industry, you are first to come in mind. How do we do this you may ask? By asking the 'right' questions!

  • What is the underlying message?
  • How do you portray the message?
  • What is the end goal?


The Building Blocks.

We cannot emphasis this enough, our number one goal is to make you satisfied and more. We collaborate with you to increase brand awareness, sales or whatever your business goal may be. Digital marketing is the way of the future and we are here to hold your hand and guide you through this new age we live in. How so?

  • Frequently reviewing our work with your team to see where we can improve.
  • Building a good relationship not only between you and your clients but between us.
  • Comparing the competition and using it as inspiration to deliver the best services for your clients.
  • Concluding as to how we can bring more customers/clients to your business.


Get The Word Out!

This is why we exists. We are here to provide your business top notch digital marketing that will significantly improve your business’ life and your life. We make it easier for you to focus on what is important, your services/product. While we get you the people that pay for your service/product. How is this done? With the help of our experienced team in:

  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Designers
  • SEO Experts
  • Quality Videographers / Photographers
We love what we do!


What Making a Difference means to us?

Listen + Understand

We cannot stress how important your business’ success means to us. We listen to your needs and we deliver the highest quality work that will impress your target audiences and will increase sales.


Innovate + Create

Mad comes up with unique, creative ways to get your brand out there and get your name on the lips of the general public. We are creators at heart, so we know how to bring the best out of your brand, to help people utilize your product or services with the utmost efficiency.


Execute + Deliver

Mad is known for delivering results. Here at Mad that is one of the most important things we value. Delivering results to our customers is what satisfies us. Makes us happy. When your business is smiling, we are all smiling.


Polish + Publish

At Mad we do not only value, the work we do for our clients, we value the presentation of it. In the society we live in today, we pride ourselves in completing the most presentable work, with efficiency, on time and work that brings value and results.




Competitor Research

Optimization Setup


Ranking & SEO Results


Social Channels Setup







Pay-Per-Click Social Ads

Account Building


Influencer Marketing

Number of Posts (Content Creation)

Contest/ Give-Away Management


Videography / Brand Documentary (YouTube Adverstising) 

Email Marketing



per month

1 x Blog

25 Keywords

Budget $500 - $1000

/ Month

1 x Platform

2 Weekly Posts



per month

3 x Blog

45 Keywords

Budget $500 - $1000 

/ Month

3 x Platforms

4 Weekly Posts



per month

4 x Blog

65 Keywords


3 x Platforms

1 / Month 

6 Weekly Posts



per month

5 x Blog

95 Keywords


3 x Platforms

3 / Months

Daily Posts

This can be cancelled with one-month notice, all contracts are negotiated and are individualized based on your needs. 100% Money back guarantee for the cancellation month.

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